A Quick Hello and Introduction

Thanks for stopping by my brand new website! To start things off, I figured I would give a little introduction of myself.

My real name is Brendan Wiltshire, but I typically go by the handle “Photon” in some form or another on the web. I chose the name because of what a photon actually is: a particle of light. Its symbolic of how I want to influence the gaming world through my work and contributions. It’s also a nice bonus that it sounds cool (better than just calling myself “light particle,” anyway.)

It was my junior year of high school that I caught the programming fever, but it wasn’t until after a few years of college that I really embraced it. While going for a Computer Science degree, I decided to start dev stuff as a sort of hobby. Its the kind of stuff you dream about doing as a kid, but don’t really take seriously as you get older. But alas, I decided that if I ever wanted to entertain the idea, sooner was probably better than later. So, I just kind of dabbled to sate my appetite. Over the years, I’ve worked with stuff like Pygame, Stencyl, and now most recently OpenFL.

The first Flash game I ever officially published, Pixel Ninja. posted mid-2013.
The first Flash game I ever officially published on the web, Pixel Ninja. Posted mid-2013, you can find this old relic on Kongregate if you’re so inclined.

I graduated college and had a job pretty much right off, which I stayed at for about two years. However, for several reasons, it just wasn’t where I wanted to be. After much deliberation and several discussions with my incredibly supportive family, I decided to leave my job and go indie. It meant moving across country to rejoin my immediate family and leaving behind a very well-paying job, but again I decided I wanted to take the risk. I had built up a nice nest egg, and I still had my degree to fall back on should I need to get back into the job market.

(As an aside, the “degree” part of that as a backup plan is very important. If you’re going to go indie, don’t just throw caution to the wind! I’m not saying a college degree is your only proper failsafe; what I’m saying is that risks can be taken without having to be downright reckless about it.)

So here I am. I’m working on my first indie project, NumCode, which I hope to have out in the next several months. Its been a bit nerve-racking as well as exciting, not to mention how much you learn about yourself in the process!

Beyond doing game dev, I’m definitely a gamer as well, though I’m far more selective than I used to be. My favorite franchises of all time are Mega Man and Pikmin, and my single favorite game ever is Yoshi’s Island. I generally enjoy platformers and strategy games, but I also get into shooters at times, such as with the recent, outstanding Overwatch.

Need someone to tuck you in?
Ana, currently my favorite character from Overwatch. If you need someone to tuck you in, just say the word.

I look forward to sharing more about myself in the future, including my personal projects and critiques of (new) games. Thanks again for giving me a little bit of your time! And for more ways to connect with me, check out the About page.

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