Code 9 Greenlit!

Wow! As of yesterday, Code 9 was officially greenlit! As part of the final phasing out of Steam Greenlight, Code 9 made the cut and got pushed through in the final batch of approved games. Even with Steam Direct quickly approaching with its streamlined approval process, this is still a massive hurdle I’ve gotten over and I’m excited about what the future holds.

Its been a long six months getting up to this point. I think it wasn’t so much that I underestimated the work involved so much as I overestimated my own abilities. At the end of the day, I almost feel undeserving of all the progress that has been made. Nonetheless, things keep chugging along and I’m genuinely thankful for how blessed I am. God has been good to me, my family’s support has blown me away on multiple occasions and the experience I’ve gained from all of this is something I can carry with me for a long time. I expounded upon this in my Ludum Dare 38 post-mortem, so you can get the full lowdown on my recent feelings from there if you want.

From here, I want to renew the campaign to get Code 9 out in the open and showing people what’s being done. I hope you’ll join me on this journey if you haven’t already, and be sure to follow me on Twitter as well as through the game’s Facebook page. Until next time, enjoy this peek at how the game has been shaping up recently:


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