Code 9 : Dynamic Music Teaser

Hey all!

When I first started working with my musician, he had the idea to make the music be dynamic: as you progressed farther in the game, the music would slowly become more fleshed out. After some toying around on both of our parts, I can personally say I’m pretty happy with how things have turned out.

Having just recently polished up the puzzle select menu for the game, this is a good opportunity to share that functionality with you while also giving you a taste of the music that has been cooked up. You’ll notice that as you move between groups of puzzles, the music becomes fuller based on how many puzzles you have completed (aka starred.) Its a little touch that I hope players will get to enjoy as they move through the game.

Enjoy, and look forward to more news soon. I’m very close to having the game ready for outside testing, which should be followed shortly with a release date announcement!

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