Code 9

A Kakuro-inspired Number Puzzle
Release Date : August 24th
Platforms : PC (Steam)

Steam storefront page coming soon!

Code 9 Screenie 3

Code 9 is a Kakuro-flavored puzzle game: the numbers in a line or column add together to give each symbol a sum value. Make the sums fulfill the requirements to clear the puzzle.

Your number choices are limited. Just when you think you’ve got the solution, you may find that the last number you need is already on the board. Give your logical thinking and deduction skills a challenge as you arrange and rearrange the numbers 1-9 in this tricky puzzler.

Tease your mind with over a hundred puzzles to solve. Stay tuned in with an ambient, engaging soundscape and minimalistic, animated backgrounds (or turn them off, if those aren’t your thing!) When its all said and done, can you crack Code 9?


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